Dear _____,

I wish you knew the depth of my love for you. I don’t know how you don’t feel it or see it in my face. The happiness you bring me is unlike anything I have ever experienced and it is a feeling that I want to hold on to forever.

I find myself watching you when you are working around the house or sleeping and my heart hurts from all of the love it feels. I want to touch you. Feel you. Just having you near me makes me happy.

Are you not aware of the effect you have on me?

Do you not know I would give anything to have you with me all the time?

Your smile makes me melt.

I love listening to you sing off key.

Your eyes look into mine and I feel my soul wanting to scream, “Look at me! Love me!” but you don’t seem to hear my cries.

What is wrong with you?

How can you give so much of yourself but not accept the love I have for you in return?

Or do you see it but you just don’t care?

I love you and I want to be your forever.

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